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Darrell Duval

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Growing your business is difficult, especially when you are worrying about your commercial insurance coverage. Relieve some of that worry by putting your business in the hands of Darrell Duval. With over eight years of experience helping his Eau Claire clients manage their commercial and business risks, Darrell will do the insurance shopping for you, so you end up with the best business insurance policy out there.

Unfortunately accidents happen. Plan for the unexpected with personal property insurance and personal liability insurance from Complete Insurance Services of Eau Claire. Whether you want to insure your home, car, boat, or ATV, Darrell takes the time to search all the top-rated carriers to find the insurance provider that fits your needs best.

Darrell is an expert in property insurance and business insurance services including:

Home Insurance

Auto & Motorcycle Insurance

Boat Insurance

Camper & RV Insurance

ATV & Snowmobile Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance

Liability Umbrella Insurance

Business Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

Contractor Insurance

Buy/Sell Agreement Funding Insurance

Commercial Auto/Truck Insurance

Business Umbrella Insurance

Before Darrell was helping you protect your business and property, he was helping to protect our country. For four years, Darrell served as a United States Marine, both overseas and stateside.

When he’s not scouring the insurance market for the best insurance plans, Darrell spends every minute he can in the great outdoors. He has combined his passion for nature with his love of helping others. Darrell enjoys assisting disabled youth with hunting adventures, working with the Eau Claire branch of the United Cerebral Palsy organization run many successful fundraising events, and meeting new people in his position as Commerce Ambassador for the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce.

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