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Health & Life Insurance Eau Claire, Wisconsin    Business and Liablity Insurance Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Health & Life Insurance

Health & Life Insurance Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Health Insurance

Individual health both on/off the public exchange

Group health insurance (2-100 employee)

Life Insurance

Designed for paying off debt such as mortgages, credit card, loans, etc.

For burial Trusts / Final Expenses

To create tax advantaged replacement income when a spouse dies

For financial planning tools

To leave a legacy


For income that can last a lifetime! It could be a great addition to your financial plan

Long Term Care Insurance

To provide resources that can pay for home health care, assisted living, skilled nursing facility.

Voluntary/Supplemental Insurance

Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital to name a few. Some products are available directly, some through an employer setting.

Disability Income Insurance

'Paycheck" insurance — What would you do if you couldn't go to work tomorrow because you were hurt or sick? Do you have resources that you would want to spend when you are off work for 6 months or a year? Statistics tell us that more people are disabled than die, so this is an important insurance product to have.

Medicare Supplement / Medi-gap Insurance

Are you turning 65 or permanently disabled? You have many options to solve your health coverage needs. Talk to an agent! It doesn't cost you anything extra to get professional input on how to navigate Medicare.

Medicare Part D Prescription Insurance

Are you enrolled in Part A or Part B Medicare? You need to consult with an agent on what is the best way for you to handle Part D. There are financial consequences for not electing the correct drug plan choice.


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